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Big Ass Fans started by creating safer, more productive work environments in industrial facilities. But we didn’t stop there. Proven by our products’ performance, what started as a big idea became a workplace revolution and is now best practice for designers, managers, and business owners across every imaginable industry and application. Go to work, hit the gym, or enjoy a night on the town and chances are you’ll see a Big Ass fan [overhead] keeping the peace smoothly and silently. From factories to homes and everywhere in between, Big Ass fans deliver comfort, style, and energy savings that make life and work more enjoyable.

Powerfoil Fans
Powerfoil x3.0

Meet Powerfoil X3.0, the reigning champion of airflow and the world’s best-selling industrial ceiling fan. It’s purpose-built to provide maximum air movement and coverage areas even in the harshest industrial conditions.

>12-24 feet

>up to 15 year warranty

> Superior coverage area

> Patented airfoil system

> NitroSeal™ gearbox

> Durable oversized hub

> Available BMS integration

Powerfoil D

For 20 years, Big Ass industrial fans have set the standard for powerful, efficient airflow that transforms uncomfortable facilities and lowers overhead costs. We led the way with direct-drive technology 10 years ago; now we’re pacing the field with Powerfoil D, the only direct-drive overhead fan purpose-built for harsh industrial conditions. In the hot, dusty environments that put competitors’ fans out of commission, Powerfoil D thrives with cool, quiet operation.

> Diameter options from 8 to 24 feet

> IP66 rating for indoor or outdoor use

> 10-year mechanical warranty; 5-year electrical (extended warranty available)

> Powerful Neodymium magnet motor

> 200-277 / 338-480 multi-phase VAC options

Powerfoil 8

Powerfoil®8 is a heavy-duty ceiling fan designed using industrial-grade components. It is fully factory tested prior to shipping, ensuring a perfectly functioning system backed by a full 7-year mechanical and 3-year electrical warranty.

> Industrial-Grade Motor and GearboxPatented

> Airfoil System

> Touchscreen Controls

> Hub System

> Fire Control Panel Integration

> Control Options

> Year-round Energy Savings

> Unrivaled Warranties


Essence® is both a work of art and an essential money-saving machine, efficiently providing quiet air movement with style that perfectly complements your home or business, indoors or out. Available in diameters from 8 to 14 feet (2.4 to 4.3 meters), Essence is the ideal HVLS ceiling fan for residential and commercial spaces from lobbies, pavilions, and fitness centers to seaside dining and open-air theaters.

> Quiet, large-scale airflow

> Wet-rated, direct-drive motor

> Superior energy savings

> Patented airfoil system

> Available BMS integration

> Cools in summer and circulates heated air in winter

>Optimizes HVAC performance

>Cuts energy costs by as much as 30%


For more than 20 years, Big Ass industrial fans have delivered comfort to large, gritty facilities. With i6, we’ve designed an overhead fan with powerful performance and modern style for spaces outside the factory and warehouse. i6 features virtually silent airflow, an array of automated controls and custom options, and bold design that’s a perfect match for the dynamic décor of homes, restaurants, retail spaces, fitness centers, and public venues.

> Diameter options of 60, 72, 84 and 96 inches (152, 183, 213, and 244 cm)

> Weather-resistant outdoor models for use in covered outdoor locations

> SenseME technology with Bluetooth remote, Wi-Fi app controls & optional wall control

> Easy-to-install design attaches to standard fan-rated junction box (70-lb)

> Seamlessly integrated optional LED kit that adjusts from warm to daylight

>Universal and flush mounts available

Powerfoil Fans



Handcrafted with premium materials and engineered with cutting-edge smart home technology, Haiku represents the pinnacle in style and innovation for home ceiling fans. More than 75 international awards attest to its quality, while its world-leading efficiency makes it the perfect choice for energy-conscious homeowners.

 > 52-, 60-, and 84-inch (132-, 152-, and 213-centimeter) diameter options and 10 luxurious finishes

> Seven airflow speed settings with premium remote control

> Lightweight design and patented brushless DC motor for unmatched efficiency

> SenseMe™ environmental sensors, mobile app control, and voice integration

> Sleep, Timer, Whoosh, and Fan Eco special operational modes

> Industry-leading 5-year residential warranty; 3-year non-residential

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Directional Fans

Real-world facilities have walls, equipment, and tight aisles that require unique airflow solutions. That’s why we engineered versatile fan models — both mobile and mounted — to withstand years of daily abuse and keep people cool in every corner of your space, inside and out.

> Heavy-gauge steel construction
> Portable bases and mounting options
> Available IPX5, washdown-ready designs
> OSHA-compliant cages standard for all floor fan models
> Airflow coverage up to 120 feet (37 meters) away
> Quiet, efficient motors that cost pennies a day to operate

Powerfoil Fans

Air Eye


When you need world-class comfort that won’t quit, you need the AirEye directional fan. Featuring a range of diameter options, variable speed controls, and facility integrations, it’s the smart, versatile choice for precisely targeted airflow. AirEye’s quiet EC motor is up to 50% more powerful and more efficient than its off-the-shelf imitators, while its best-in-class 5-year warranty ensures your people stay comfortable for the long haul.

> 20-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch (51, 61, 76, and 91 cm) diameter options

> Slim onboard variable speed dial

> 120 V and 240 V models with 18-foot (5.5-meter)
power cord

> Available BMS integration, fan grouping, and automation with premium BAFCon controller

>Convenient control with optional patented
occupancy sensor

>Mounting options: portable pedestal, wall, I-beam,
C-channel, and swivel arm

Black Jack

We designed Black Jack® with a 6.5-ft (2m) frame to fit through standard interior doors and indoor/outdoor rubber wheels that could handle any terrain. Perfect for everywhere from narrow aisles and crowded auto shops to outdoor wedding venues and fitness centers, we gave it handles on both sides, and made it light and maneuverable enough for one person to easily push around.

> Arrives pre-assembled—just roll it off the pallet and go

> Comes standard with indoor/outdoor rubber wheels

> Includes handles on both sides for easy maneuvering

> A 25-ft power cord extends Black Jack’s reach

> Plugs into any standard 110V power supply

> A full 5-year warranty comes standard with Black Jack.

> Gearless direct-drive motor draws only 7.8 amps at top speed (that’s less power than a toaster)

> Quiet enough to hold a conversation right next to the fan

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket® is the tough-as-nails directional fan that takes abuse and stays in use. This mountable or portable fan directs airflow where it’s needed to keep your employees feeling comfortable. No floor space? Yellow Jacket easily mounts to walls, columns, and ceilings. If it gets dirty, don’t worry — this beast is washdown ready, so it’s a breeze to clean. And don’t let the name fool you, Yellow Jacket comes in eight classic colors or custom color matching.

> 30" Diameter

>110 or 240v single phase

> Heavy-gauge steel construction

> IPX5-rated motor with variable-speed control

> 360° rotation with lockable positioning

> Easy portability with pedestal mount

> Optional oscillator kit

> BMS integration with optional BAFCON

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Evaporative Coolers

Heat can cripple your facility’s production and put your people at risk. Cold Front evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, provide a rapid, effective response. Combining powerful, quiet direct-drive fan technology with a water supply and saturated cooling medium, Cold Front delivers instant airflow that lowers the air temperature of your space by up to 33 °F (18 °C), creating comfortable conditions that keep your people safe and productive.

> Internal water reservoir supplied by standard garden hose
> Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces
> Industry-leading warranties

Powerfoil Fans

Cold Front 500

SKU F-EV1-5001

With Cold Front’s variable-speed controls, maintaining the perfect temperature for your space is as simple as turning a dial. Designed for convenience, all Cold Front models feature locking swivel casters, automatic low-water shutoff, and an easily accessible drain plug, while larger models are equipped with a GFI plug and cord wrap for safe, portable operation.

Cold Front 500 features a control panel with backlit LCD display, premium remote, and occupancy sensor for hands-free operation. The model’s Auto-Dry feature maintains the unit after each use, extending the life of the cooling media and keeping your cooler in peak condition.

> Ideal for large warehouses, service bays, and stadiums up to 6,500 ft2 (600 m2)

> 50-inch (127-cm) fan diameter

> 8-inch (20-cm) cooling media

> 64-gallon water reservoir

> Onboard LED control panel with occupancy sensor

> 5-year warranty

Cold Front 400
SKU F-EV1-3601

A standard garden hose is all that’s required for each Cold Front cooler’s water supply. For facility managers who need maximum portability for immediate spot-cooling, Cold Front coolers feature large internal reservoirs that can run for hours without being connected to a water source.

> Perfect for production facilities, outdoor dining, and gyms up to 3,600 ft2 (330 m2)

> 36-inch (91-cm) fan diameter

> 8-inch (20-cm) media

> 46-gallon water reservoir

> 5-year warranty

> Variable-speed motor (61 dBA)

> Quiet, efficient variable-speed motors

> Thick, resin-treated cooling media

> Uses standard 110 V power supply
> Industry-leading 5-year warranties

Cold Front 300
SKU F-EV1-1801

Cold Front coolers are designed with the industry’s most effective and longest-lasting cooling media. Thicker than competing products’, Cold Front’s media evaporates more heat from your space for a greater cooling effect. The media has been chemically treated and coated in a thermosetting resin to resist the growth of algae and mold, hold up to frequent cleanings, and prevent dirt and other particles from penetrating into the substrate.

> Great for workshops, garages, and studios up to 1,200 ft2 (110 m2)

> 18-inch (46-cm) fan diameter

> 8-inch (20-cm) cooling media

> 16-gallon water reservoir

> 5-year warranty

> Quiet, efficient variable-speed motors

> Thick, resin-treated cooling media

Cold Front 200
SKU F-EV1-1001S75V60

Heat can cripple your facility’s production and put your people at risk. For a rapid, effective response, rely on Cold Front evaporative coolers. Combining powerful, quiet direct-drive fan technology with a water supply and saturated cooling medium, Cold Front delivers instant airflow that lowers the air temperature of your space by up to 33 °F (18 °C), creating comfortable conditions that keep your people safe and productive.

> Best suited for spot-cooling, workstations, and patios up to 800 ft2 (75 m2)

> Dual 10-inch (25-cm) fans

> 4-inch (10-cm) cooling media

> 8-gallon water reservoir

> 5-year warranty

> High-velocity variable-speed motor (75 dBA) 


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Cold Front Cooling

Powerfoil X3.0

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