Industrial Ceiling Fans by Kestrel Industrial Services
Big Ass Fans are large commercial and industrial fans that are powerful, long lasting and energy efficient.  The range of Big Ass fans can reduce yearly heating costs by up to 30% as well as improving comfort and in turn they can increase company productivity. Standing by our products, our industrial behemoth, Powerfoil®, is covered by an extended warranty when supplied with our factory installation. Whether it's an enormous warehouse, stadium concourse, airplane hangar or a small shop, we have an industrial fan that will solve all of your air movement problems. Our line of mobile fans bring big airflow to any location with our AirGo®. Get flexible airflow with the adjustable Pivot, and cover a huge area with the oscillating Pivot 180.

Here at Kestrel Industrial Services, we supply and install a wide range of industrial fans from the American manufacturer 'Big Ass Fans'.  The range of fans from Big Ass are some of the best industrial fans on the market and can be used in a wide range of places. The series includes ceiling fans for both commercial and residential use.
Powerfoil® X2.0 is the strongest, most adaptable ceiling fan on Earth. The 8- to 24-ft. Powerfoil® X2.0 is designed to provide the most reliable air movement solution for large spaces ever built; it's so dependable that it's backed by an unprecedented 15-year, nonprorated warranty with our Factory Certified Installation. Your search for the longest-lasting, highest-performing air movement solution is over. We GUARANTEE it.

We mean it when we say Powerfoil X2.0 is the toughest, most durable industrial ceiling fan you can buy. And we'll stand behind it with a thorough, nonprorated 15-year warranty*. That means your fan is covered 100%, no matter whether it's day one or day 5,479. No matter what.

In case you haven't been keeping track, that has you covered top to bottom, winglet to winglet, for 15 years. And, as with all Big Ass Fans, the airfoils and hub are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Available in range of sizes.
Technical Specs:
8ft     10ft     12ft     14ft     16ft     18ft     20ft     24ft 
With 360 degree angle adjustment capabilities, AirGo is our versatile and mobile 8-ft. HVLS vertical floor fan. Its compact design, durable construction makes it an ideal air movement solution in the toughest of environments.

The optional All Terrain Package turns AirGo into an outdoor party animal. Oversize tires, a wider base and four wheel steering provide increased mobility and ease of movement.

The AirGo's specially designed high volume/low speed (HVLS) technology delivers energy efficient air movement in an 8 ft vertical fan.
Effective and Efficient Design
Technical Specs:
Aim it at a workstation or an assembly line. Point it down an aisle way or around a ceiling obstruction. Pivot® lets you aim your air with 73 unique mounting positions. Mounted from either the ceiling or a column, the compact 6-ft. diameter Pivot can fit into tight spaces. Didn't think you had a place for a Big Ass Fan? Thanks to Pivot, now you do.

Our proprietary airfoil and winglet design achieves maximum air movement in the most efficient manner possible.

Pivot has two independent pivot points which allow the fan to be adjusted with 73 unique positions between 90° and a completely horizontal profile.

In areas where Pivot is hung low, you can choose our optional, easy-to-install cage to protect occupants and the fan.

The motor is a 1 horsepower, 3 phase induction motor with aluminium housing, designed for energy efficiency.

Technical Specs:
Pivot             Pivot 180
Yellow Jacket® is a portable and mountable fan that takes abuse and stays in use. And because it's from Big Ass Fans, it's everything you would expect, and more. The 18- and 36-inch pedestals allow you to direct the airflow where it's needed. Mount it to a column or other vertical structure to get airflow in areas with no floor space.

If it gets dirty, don't worry. Its IP45-rated components and easy-to-remove cage mean you can spray it down to get it squeaky clean. Need to dress it up? Get the optional white appearance package and Yellow Jacket is ready for the ball.

Using an efficient 1/2 hp motor means that even at full speed Yellow Jacket only uses 400 W.

Yellow Jacket's tight construction and efficient airfoils make it very quiet. Even at full speed conversation will not be drown out.

The heavy-gage steel carriage provides the strength it needs to withstand a moshpit, or a 20-ft. drop.

Over-sized wheels and an ergonomic handle provide superior maneuverability.

Technical Specs:
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Kestrel Industrial Service Supply and Install 'Big Ass Fans', the best industrial ceiling fans, commercial ceiling fans and residential ceiling fans available. Powerfoil x, airgo, and yellow jacket. Industrial-Fans by Big Ass Fans. big ass fans, industrial fans, ceiling fans, commercial fans, pivot, powerfoil x , yellow jacket,

Industrial Ceiling Fans by Kestrel Industrial Services