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Kestrel Industrial Services supply and install Energy Saving Enershield Air Barriers, Industrial Air Curtains, Air Doors and Virtual Doors.  Enershield air barriers and air curtains create an energy efficient virtual door by recirculating the air.  The recirculated air creates a seal that is up to 90% efficient and stops the transfer of humidity, dust, insects and temperature.  Air barriers are ideal for retail and commercial buildings where open doors are used.  Air curtains allow vehicles and people to pass through the door without any problems while maintaining the temperature inside.

Main benefits of the Air Barriers are:

Energy Efficient Internal heat is not lost in to the atmosphere.
Reduction in Heating Costs Heating is more efficiently used.
Comfort Employees and customers will enjoy a warmer environment.
Safety Virtual doors mean doorways and openings are unobstructed
Maintenance Virtual doors require less maintenance.
Improvements in Production Reduce cross contamination.
Financial Possible payback in 2 years

Industrial Air Curtains can be used in a range of applications:

Warehousing Shipping and Receiving Doors, Loading Bays and Workshops
Manufacturing Workshops, Receiving Doors and Loading Bays
Food Production Temperature Control, Environmental Separation and Pest Control
Retail Outlets Shop and Store Entrances
Freezer and Chiller Rooms Maintenance of controlled temperatures

For further information on the range of air barriers we can supply and fit call us on 01527 69220.

Air Barriers and Industrial Air Curtains by Enershield